Our Services

The NOVUS International Consultants team works hard to tailor any business model or development paradigm to the specific needs of the client.
We are innovative and passionate about providing meaningful solutions to challenges that face the public sector throughout the Middle East.
Our team possesses expertise in a wide spectrum of administrative and operational areas including Organizational Performance and Effectiveness, K – 12 Education, and Higher Education.

Organizational Performance & Effectiveness

NOVUS develops plans in order to enhance institutional productivity. Efforts include examining governance and structural set ups, strategic planning, improving efficiency and effectiveness, modernizing procedures, and building local capacity and training.

Sample Projects

  • Reviewing, assessing and reforming governance structures
  • Developing strategic plans based on PMMs
  • Improving operational productivity through: structural organization and reorganization; decentralization models; and automation
  • Assessing and improving institutional relations with external stakeholders
  • Evaluating existing organization components (i.e. financial, social, administrative) and providing recommendations to enhance efficiency and outcomes

K – 12 Education

NOVUS International Consultants utilize research and policy analysis to develop solutions for the challenges facing the education sector. Program development is tailored to provide culturally appropriate curriculum and special education programming in English and Arabic.

Sample Projects

  • Review and update national curriculum
  • Improve alignment between curriculum and student assessments
  • Design programs to support students with learning difficulties
  • Assessment of testing systems and student performance
  • Improving community engagement efforts by schools
  • ICT integration into teaching and learning
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Student funding systems and formulas
  • Teacher and school leaders professional development training (needs assessment, program design, and implementation)
  • Implementing programs based on Multi-Sensory approaches
  • Employing empirically supported resources to accommodate children at risk of cognitive, emotional, physical or psychological disorders

Higher Education

Our consulting team assesses and creates plans for higher education systems in various regions to improve their efficiencies, performance, and ranking. Development plans are implemented to maximize the efficiency of administrative and financial functions within universities.

Sample Projects

  • Strategic review of university‚Äôs governance, structure and programs. Assist in implementation of recommendations
  • Providing high quality training, coaching and mentoring services to assist in building local capacity
  • Developing categorization systems to rank universities in a country or a region
  • Analyzing current levels and methods for funding higher education institutions
  • Providing assistance with accreditation applications
  • Implementing the outsourcing of certain administrative functions
  • Assessing financial, HR, and other administrative processes
  • Review student affairs practices to improve services provided to students
  • Applying decentralization models that enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Creating funding systems to finance students across different disciplines